4 Key Tips to Ideally Keep and Store Natural and Organic Soaps

So you have decided to ditch the chemical soaps which were not befitting your skin and also causes some or other skin issues and problems in people as have experienced by many. And now, you have found the right alternative in the form of natural soaps made from organic ingredients.

But are you taking right care of them? If not and if your storage of these soaps is similar to other soaps you may see them dissolved in water quickly or could slowly deteriorate in the shelf. Yes, many people who buy natural ingredient made soaps overlook this factor. But you should not, as we provide you with key tips on how to properly store and keep your organic soap:

1. Store in a Ventilated Container
The ideal container for storing a natural soap should be one that allows air circulation. If you do not follow this, then you may find the soap becoming rancid. Also, make sure that you store the soap container in a cool and dry place away from any direct sunlight as it would cause fading away of the color and scent. This will enhance the life of the soap extensively.

2. Keep Same-Scent Soaps Together
When you have bought different soaps containing multiple scents, then it is best to keep the same scented soaps together. If you mix them up, then scent of one may dominate over the other soap and mellow more quickly. If you have single-scent soaps in numbers, then allocate separate containers for each one of them.

3. Use Small Bar
It is better to shop for small-size bars at a time as it retains the scent, aroma and enhance the life of the soap in a better way. If you have bought a large bar, then you need not worry. Just cut it in half, and store one bar and use the other one at a time.

4. Bath Using Soap Saver Pouch
If you want to enhance your bathing experience, have an exfoliating experience with the natural soap and subsequently enhance the life of the soap, buy a soap saver pouch. You can buy these in cotton yarn or some other material specific to meet your need. When bathing, put the soap inside, draw the string close and bathe. Post that hang the saver pouch to let the soap dry and then put that in the container.

Following these usage and storage tips, you will definitely make the most of the soaps, keeping their scent and aroma last longer as well as avoiding any loss due to external factor. So, why wait? Just order your Aloha soap and give your skin the kind of care and nurturing it deserves.


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